Tuesday, April 10, 2007

sharing your burden with others....

Twice this week, in two different places, I ran across this video. It's short, and has music, so make sure your speakers are on when you watch it. "Empty Arms" is a good way to share with others your burden of infertility. Most people who have never been infertile have a hard time understanding why infertility is such a hardship. And while they won't understand completely unless they've walked in our shoes, they can learn to empathize, which is what we need at times. My one major qualm with this video is that God is left completely out of the equation. I think the reason we have hope at all is because of Christ. Not that He has promised us children, because He has not. But, because He is our one Hope, our Reason for living. His sacrifice on the cross is what frees us and redeems us. I truly don't know how people walking through inferility without Christ can survive the grief that infertility inevitably brings.

I would recommend that you consider using this video if you are struggling with how to share your burden with family or friends.

"Empty Arms"



Connie said...

Whoa...that's quite a video clip. I think I'll link to it when I do my "Mother's Day" post.

You're right, the one thing that is missing is the message of God's hope--no matter what. Doesn't mean the pain goes away, just means that we better understand Who is in control and Who's will is being accomplished in us.

KK said...


I was on Oversight of Souls and thought I would check out your sites.
I like them all. We know Tammy and Ray. We are also in a new pastorate in Jackson at Poplar Heights Baptist Church. We also struggled with infertility for many years and at 45 and 43 do not have children. We just returned from the birth choice banquet where I believe I notice the face of the director on one of your web sites. I just thought I would introduce myself and say I enjoyed looking at all of the sites and we have much in common from theology to life circumstances. We will be at the conference in two weeks and I would love to meet you. I will be placing your sites on my favorites and continue to read them and maybe interact as led.

Soli Deo Gloria
Your Sister in Christ

Glenna Marshall said...

I'd love to meet you in Jackson! Yes, you probably noticed my mom-she's the director of Birth Choice, so you probably saw her in one of the pictures.
Thanks for reading my sites! If you are a friend of the VanNeste's you are a friend of mine! :) Thanks so much for commenting...loooking forward to talking more later.

KK said...


I look forward to our meeting!


christin joy said...

reading through these blog entries. i just happened upon your blog as i am currently dealing with infertility. my husband and i have been TTC for over 3 years now and it was easier in the beginning but it seems to be getting more difficult the longer we wait. the video you referred to was gorgeous and i agree, leaving out the fact that Hope is found in the Father is sad. it is the one thing that helps me, remembering that He is our hope, our savior, our friend, our companion. that He is sovereign, good, and compassionate. this blog is a blessing. i'm about 5 years late on all of this, but thank you for posting and being open. i'm debating on starting my own blog about infertility. currently i just write letters to my future children (whether they are natural or adopted). anyway - thank you. i'll comment on more entries as i read through. thank you again!

christin joy