Saturday, July 21, 2007

sometime in august....

is when we will begin the stuff.

The "stuff" being Clomid, the OPK's, the IUI and the hormones (which I assume to be progesterone).

I am strangely excited about it all--not even hating that I will be taking ovulation-inducing medicine. For the record, I don't have major ovulation issues, but the Clomid *should* give a much-needed boost.

I spoke with Dr. C. the other day about all of this...and might I add that I LOVE having a doctor who calls me personally and leaves messages on my answering machine. Not a receptionist or a nurse, but MY doctor calling and when I call her back, all I have to mention is the word "infertility" and they patch me right through to Dr. C., whether she's in the middle of something or not. Finally--the word "infertility" is good for something! :)

Anyway, Dr. C. gave me the details about everything, so unless I am pregnant this month, we'll start all of this at some point in August, Lord willing. However, we are praying specifically that we conceive THIS month to avoid the IUI. Please pray with us!!!!

I'll update as things get rolling....


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