Friday, August 24, 2007

it's alright.

As sad and discouraged as I was on Wednesday, I was surprised to have Thursday morning dawn bright and new, and full of the promises of the Word to comfort me. Meditating on the Word has been so good for my soul the past two days. The Lord has really comforted me, and I am thankful to have had so many people praying for me.

I realized that it is not such a bad thing to have to keep praying, keep waiting, and keep learning patience. If anything, it is part of my sanctification. REgardless of how many months we wait, or if we never even see our prayers answered in the way that we want, we know that He is always been faithful and that He always will be faithful. If He can be glorified in this, then so be it.

As far as what's next...well, we wait for the rest of this cycle to come and go. We are praying that pregnancy might occur in spite of our failed attempts to go in for the IUI. Even though I never got a positive test, I am nearly certain that ovulation did occur. So, we are praying for hte next week or two. And then if the answer is "no" then we'll move forward with another round of fertility drugs and hopes of actually doing the IUI. I will be asking my doctor about other means of detecting ovulation.
But...we'll cross that bridge if/when we get to it.

Thank you all for your kind comments and prayers. You are a blessing to me!



Fertilize Me said...

i am very glad that God met you right where you needed him to! Here's to hoping you never have to do that IUI!

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

That's so good to hear - about the promises in the Word dawning fresh and new. It's amazing sometimes how much we miss seeing, because we're EXPECTING promises to get what we want (or what we pray for). We're promised much more (higher, eternal things). You are walking the path of sanctification. I can say I praise the Lord for infertility in what it's done to my realtionship to Him and understanding of His ways. I am glad for the pain. But it doesn't mean I don't want an end!

I kind-of wondered if you didn't just Ovulate and the OPK's not pick it up. I'll still pray for a pregnancy, but I'm glad there is hope beyond too with this not being the "only shot" at it.

Thank you for updating us and giving us the priviledge of a peek into your thoughts and hearts. said...

Beloved sister . . . May our gracious Father continue to affirm in your heart His love and faithfulness. Indeed, His Word brings much healing and hope to the soul. There were days (during my recovery) where I was suffocated by depression and despair, but daily I went to His Word and found great hope. He is refining you into a beautiful daughter of Sarah as you persevere through this pain and sorrow. I praise God for your godly humility and willingness to die to this world.

Weeping, and yet, rejoicing with you - amy