Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Only Infertility Song I've Ever Heard.

I ran across this video on YouTube. All I can say is: have some kleenex handy. You will need it. I find the abortion rates vs. the number of infertile couples really....ironic and painful.

If you are not infertile and you are watching this video, and it evokes some sort of emotion in your heart, mutliply that feeling by about 10,000 and now you know how we feel a lot of the time.
My disclaimer is that of course this song does not highlight the faithfulness and sovereignty of God. I always try to keep His goodness at the forefront of my mind.
But at any rate....here's the only song about infertility that I've ever heard.


The Donahue Bunch said...


Thanks for the video: I can't even begin to describe how much we related to it. 5 and 1/2 years of trying seemed so long...all of those thoughts and emotions swept back over me while watching the video. We love you guys, and will make even more of a concerted effort to pray.

The Williams said...

i'm weeping with those who weep. i love you, friend.

waddell crew said...

I, since you have gotton off of myspace, checked your blog every once in a while. I saw this one and thought i would click on the tab. I have sat here and read for hours crying for you. I have no idea what you are experiencing but my heart breaks for you. Please know James and I are praying for you and and for the precious little one or ones the Lord will bless your life with. I am amazed and awed at your rest in our Saviour. You have been an example to me in just reading. Thank you for the encouragement. I am amazed at your honesty with where you are and your trust in our Father. Know you are loved and cared for. I know I dont know you super well, but because you have chosen to be honest you have let us into such an intimate part of your life. For that I am thankful you are letting us in.

Mony said...

Isn't it moving!
I cry everytime.