Thursday, September 20, 2007

same old, same old

We're roughly around day 17 at this point, the point where I should be starting the progesterone gel except that I do not have confirmed ovulation at this point. So, no gel. I "think" things happened, but because I have these stupid issues with OPK's....well, who's to know?

We are still thinking through our issues and praying...we're not sure what to do. We might finish this cycle (minus the IUI) and ask for a referral to a specialist in St. Louis. But then we have this reservation about pursuing the IUI that has such poor success rates, especially with people who have our specific infertility hurdles to jump. Would it just be a waste of money?

Needless to say we have a lot to pray about and think over....and I'm just tired of waiting at this point. Feeling a little stressed today about the whole thing.

I'm sorry I'm not giving you a "real" update, but there's not really any news at this point. Sorry.

Thanks for praying and continuing to read, friends.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

second verse, same as the first.

Clomid, Round #2, and maybe an IUI.

Today I started popping pills again. Our hopes of possibly conceiving "on our own" came to a dismal ending over Labor Day. I talked with my doctor's office when renewing my prescriptions, and I asked about a different form of ovulation detection such as sonograms. Basically I was told, I "must have a positive OPK" for them to do the IUI. They don't measure follicles and all that jazz at their office, and understandably so--they are an OBGYN office, not a Reproductive Endrocrinologist/Infertility Clinic. Still....bummer. I know my body doesn't respond to those tests. We'll try it, but bar a miraculous occurance, I'm thinking we won't get to the IUI this cycle either. Which leads me to the next question....what next? Go to St. Louis to the infamous Dr. Paneda?

Maybe. We'll cross that bridge if and when we come to it. Anyway, I take my regular 5 day dose of Clomid followed by 5 days of Estradiol, and I am going to use a Progesterone gel that my doctor prescribed--which I'm not really sure what it does, and it's not clinically proven to help, but some people find it effective (for what, I wonder?). Still, it can't hurt anything and even though it's amazingly expensive (and no, my insurance covers NONE of this, in case you were wondering), we'd like to give it a try on what might be a our last shot, at least with this doctor.

You can pray for us, of course. I appreciate all the sweet comments I've received from old friends and new. We are in a season of doubt, I think. Not that God CAN do this...of course He CAN. But, we struggle to understand why He seemingly won't do it. It comes back to our belief in His sovereignty, and maybe we are just weary. I think that's it: weary. There are some other things in our life unrelated to infertility that are wearing us down day by day....I think it's too much sometimes. But, this is what the Lord has appointed, so we lean on Him to carry us through.

I may not be updating as much as I did last cycle. I need a break.