Wednesday, November 28, 2007

one giant step forward

We have an appointment with an infertility specialist in St. Louis on January 23.

I'm fully at peace with this decision. However, if our options are not what we would like them to be, then we will shift gears and move on with adoption paperwork and the homestudy. Either way, 2008 could be a big year for us, Lord willing.

As we research our options and get ready for our consultation, I may put up some posts here explaining different forms of assisted reproductive therapies. As I learn, I'll share the knowledge. ;)

But for now, I'm going to enjoy the Christmas holidays. That, and cover all of this in much prayer.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Taking a Break

I have made an executive decision to take a break over the holidays. I can't imagine taking a real break, but in relation to this blog and to paying attention to details, I think I may take a few steps back. Focusing on all of this is hard on a day to day basis, but it is highlighted especially over the holidays when we see family and friends, when we see how other friends' children have grown, when we have to explain why we haven't pursued adoption or more in-depth fertility treatments when we've planned to do so in the past......and given that this is our fourth time through the holidays while trying to conceive, all of this becomes harder and harder each year. During the holidays we see people we haven't seen since last Christmas, and there is always the inevitable question "so, how are things with trying to get pregnant?" As if I want to discuss that over Christmas dinner!!

So, in honor of taking a break, I get to honestly tell people "I don't know. So, how are YOU doing?" when I get the "how's the baby thing going?" question.

We are hoping to get an appointment with an RE in St. Louis in January (or thereabout). That's all I can tell you, especially since I haven't actually picked up the phone and called said RE. But, maybe that will take some pressure off of our current au natural cycles, and I guess I can add that to my answer to the inevitable baby question.

Does anyone ever think they just can't do this "trying to get pregnant thing" anymore??

Hello, cycle 43. I'm not real happy to see you.