Friday, March 28, 2008


So, here is what I have accomplished this week (thankfully I have been on spring break!):
  • Completed 48 essay questions (I deserve a medal!)
  • Acquired copies of marriage & birth certificates, 1040's for the past two years, & physician's recommendation
  • Had insurance affidavit signed
  • Finished openness questionnaire
  • Filled out numerous medical and family history forms
  • Filled out financial forms & budget sheet
  • Mailed criminal background check
  • Had fingerprinting done (no ink! digital scans--very cool! very CSI-ish)
  • Signed I don't know how many forms about fees, procedures, rights & grievances

Still left to do:

  • My husband has to finish his essay questions; he's about 2/3 of the way through
  • Get health screenings for TB, HIV, and drugs
  • Get guardian statement notarized

When my husband's essay questions are done, I can email them to the social worker this weekend and we'll schedule our first home visit for NEXT WEEK!!!

I can't believe how much we've gotten done this week; our first homestudy visit is so soon! I'm really excited that we're moving through this so fast. We'll get our health screenings next week, so I'm glad that won't hold up our visit. Gosh, I'm just SO excited! (I said that already, didn't I?)


Last night we visited some folks in the hospital who had just had a baby. For the first time in 4 years, I held a teeny tiny newborn without one single regret. My heart didn't hurt at all.

And that, my friends, is what they call.....PROGRESS!




Fertilized said...

WOW that is alot of progress.

Congrats to you on the newborn thing!

Lauren said...

How cool! Tell hubby to hurry up with those essays! Just kidding, that really is a lot of essays to fill out. And what a sweet gift to not feel the usual feelings when holding a baby. That's progress for sure.

andrea_jennine said...

48 essays?! Holy moly, lady!

And that visit to your friends and their newborn shows some serious evidence of grace in your life. Praise God!

kcmarie122 said...

I'm so glad you are almost done! How exciting!

I'm glad God has been healing your heart so that you could hold that little one with no hurt!

Allison said...

progress is NOT EVEN remotely a big enough word for all of this, glenna....


i honestly cannot believe you. how on EARTH did you accomplish THAT MUCH in one week -- you should be EXCEPTIONALLY impressed with yourself :)

i would be!!!
home study next week -- WOW!!!

so what's after the home study? like....where does that bring us? how many home studies are there and ....what does that accomplish on the check list of things to ....accomplish?

basically -- how much CLOSER does it get you? :)

Natalie Henman said...

wow! Well done on the great work!

Can't believe that your home study is next week - time is really flying!

Thinking of you...

Linda Cumby said...

Progress indeed!

gracechild said...

that is indeed progress or as i like to see it, God's healing of our battered hearts. How r u doing these days?