Saturday, April 26, 2008

::adoption update::

We had our first home study visit last Monday. It went really well! It was uncomplicated and laid back. We simply chatted over coffee with the social worker. We ran through a lot of the questions we'd already answered on paper but needed to discuss together. We discussed some financial options, our openness questionnaire, and our infertility history. Our social worker wanted to go ahead and do the home tour (Eek!!) but the house was clean and nice, so it was fine. I'm kind of a neat freak at times, so I wasn't fully prepared for her to do her walk-through, but it was fine. I had cleaned, but those of you who know me well know that I'd have overdone it if I'd known for certain that she was doing her walk-through today! She mostly checked things like square footage, smoke alarms, exit plans in case of emergency, etc. It was no big deal. She liked the nursery, which is coming right along.

Our next step involves two more home visits which are individual interviews. William's individual interview is Wednesday, May 7, and mine is Tuesday, May 13. Between now and then, we have a reading list that our social worker provided. She complimented me on my organization and the speed at which we got our paperwork completed. Keeping that in mind, she said with a smile, "You'll have no problem getting the reading done; you both seem like overachievers to me!" She has us pegged. :-)

I found one of the books on the required reading list at Bar.nes & No.ble, Raising Adopted Children, by Lois Ruskai Melina. I haven't started it yet, but I will soon.

Yesterday our social worker called. She said that we need to start getting our profile together (the info about us with pictures--kind of like an advertisement that is shown to birthparents who are trying to choose adoptive parents for their child). She said that she had some "possibilities" that she'd like to show our profile to soon!! WOW!!! Now, technically, she can't show our profile until our homestudy is completed and approved. But, if we can get it put together and sent to her to look over during the next week or so, she can help us edit and then get a final copy ready so that as SOON as our homestudy is approved (Lord willing) she can start showing our profile. Listen up, people! This could go FAST! (Here's hoping, anyway!)

So, that's where we are at this point. We're excited!



Jennifer Zila said...

ahhhhh! that's AMAZING news! just so you know-- we were told something very similar and had a baby girl three weeks later. :) i know God's preparing your hearts and home and knitting together someone just beautiful in the dark and secret of a womb somewhere just for your family. so exciting. praying for y'all. :)

Lauren said...

That's very exciting! Thanks for the update. I'm glad it's moving along so quickly.

the williams said...

i just saw your new layout. i love it!

andrea_jennine said...

How exciting!

Lena said...

Wow- thats so exciting! I am glad to hear everything is coming along :)

Bonnie said...

that's awesome! what an exciting time for you guys! I can't wait to read about your next step!

gracechild said...

I'm excited for you too. Hope your baby will be home with you soon

Jen and Carter's life in the busy world said...

Very Exciting, I am glad that it is coming right along for you.

Becky said...

Hi. I found you b/c you commented on my friend Melody's blog so, I lurked on over!
I am an adoptive mom to 2 (finally...after 7+ years of the infertility roller coaster!), feel free to visit and let me know if you have any questions or need any support! I have posted the story of my son coming to us, in 3 parts!, and will work on my daughter's story soon.
Blessings in your journey! It's exciting to know that God is forming your family this way He is preparing to bring you the child that is your very own!!

Becky said...

OH, I just noticed you are going thru Bethany to adopt. Love them! Have you been receiving their Stepping Stones publication? Awesome support for struggling with infertility and loss!
I'm going to keep checking in with you and will be praying!!

Kansas Bob said...

Your post reminded me of our first adoption in 1980 (we adopted again in 1984). It was an exciting time preparing for our son's arrival. Blessings of peace to you during this time!


Alison said...

Thanks so much for your comment. I'm glad to see that there is life after this kind of news. Good luck with the adoption!

Amy said...

Hi Glenna,

My name is Amy, and I found your blog because I was looking around the internet for Kim Notehelfer's poem that you posted on your blog. It touched me deeply as well, and I'm considering posting it, too. I read through several of your posts and so appreciate what you have to say.

We're also in the adoption process through Bethany and trying to be patient. (The blog you'll find by clicking on my name is about our process.) We have been riding the infertility roller coaster since 2002 and were somehow blessed to conceive one time, our son. We rode the coaster for quite awhile trying again, and then jumped off as God has been leading us to adoption. I truly hope you are chosen by a birthmom soon! And that sweet baby will be so blessed by all the love that you have been growing in your heart.

Your nursery is beautiful. How wonderful to have a special place to dream about your little blessing that you will enjoy, hopefully someday soon!

I'm going to put your blog on my Google Reader so that I can follow your journey and hope for great news very soon!


Jen said...

Wow! That's awesome! What a relief it must be to have that part of the visit done (it's the part that stresses me out the most, but then again I am NOT a neat-freak and my house is NEVER drop-in ready, much to my chagrin). Congratulations on having that done!

You'll have to keep me updated on your book. I'm reading 20 Things Adopted Children Wish their Adoptive Parents Knew. I just started but so far, so good. I'll be anxious for your feedback so I know where to go from here!

Happy Mother's Day, dear, sweet Mother-to-Be.