Tuesday, April 1, 2008

::oh, humility::

(Where did you go?)

Just when I think I've gotten this thing figured out, the end of a 40 day cycle finally comes and crushes any hopes I had of pregnancy. It wasn't so bad in all honesty, but it certainly was a dose of much needed humility that reminded me that I've not progressed as much as I boasted.

There are reasons to be thankful that God has worked out grace in my heart, though, and evidence that He has done so. Case in point, my close friend who has a darling three month old baby boy and who is now pregnant again. While I yearn to have one miracle like she has, I am really happy for her. Truly. She has had her own battle with endometriosis, so I'm thrilled that it is not impairing her ability to conceive this time around. It's still that balance of bitter and sweet, honestly. I guess it will always be that way, yes? I'm okay with that. On one hand, I swallow a bitter pill when I hear pregnancy announcements. On the other hand, the Lord has cultivated this tiny seedling of joy in my heart that grows every slowly and blooms every once in a great while with true rejoicing for a friend. I recognize that this is only of the Lord, so I must repent of my former boasting. Any progress is a gift of God.

Thanks to all of you who have emailed me recently. I'm sorry if it takes a while to get back to you; I want to provide thoughtful answers to your questions. I appreciate you reading my blog and for feeling like we connect on some level. My writing is for carthartic purposes, of course, but I also want to identify with women out there who are struggling through infertility alone. It can indeed be a lonely place when you don't know anyone "in real life" who is going through the same thing. I feel honored that you would reach out to me.
In other news, adoption stuff keeps moving on. We are held up a bit waiting for background checks to come back--not because we have questionable character, but because these things just take time. When those checks come back, the first homevisit will be scheduled. We got our TB and HIV tests done today, but have to wait on those results as well. Thursday we get our health screenings and drug tests. I'm starting to feel like a criminal.

Something that's fun is the STUFF. I've never had baby stuff in my house. Now, as you've seen from a former post, I've got a crib and a changing table in my house--in a room we now call "the nursery," no less! I've ordered a glider/ottoman set, I've got a stack of books coming in the mail, and I'm currently reading a book on infant toilet training (it's not what you think). This is SUCH a change of pace for me. Parenting and baby books? Weird. My mother-in-law sent this:

And now there's all this STUFF in my house for this tiny little person we don't know yet. I know it's okay to prepare, but it still feels strange for this long-time IF girl to be getting ready for the coming of the much-longed-for baby.

I'm not sure how I feel about it all. It's a mixture of emotions.

Will keep you posted...


Fertilized said...

I am so sorry AF arrived with her nasty friends and their havoc wreeking on your emotions.

I am glad to see that you are enjoying shopping and learning about what to come.

amy said...

Infant toilet training? Are you talking about Natural infant hygiene? It really is amazing. I have a friend who did and she totally sold me on it but I'm going back to work and I think it will only work for stay at home moms.


gracechild said...

never mind about the progress, you're still mounted on eagle wings. we get the little slap in the faces every now & then just to remind us of the abundance of His grace. I like the changing look of your house. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to start shopping for baby powder & stuff too :)

the williams said...

glenna, i love you. tears came to my eyes because i KNOW that you mean what you wrote and it TRULY shows. you don't know what a picture of Christ that is to me. i love love love you!! i'm praying for you and your emotions daily. i love you sister.

Jen said...

Wow, I haven't been able to check in with you recently and I'm amazed at how closely our time lines match each other. Our tickers say the exact same thing! I know what you mean about the transition--I suddenly feel like I have a "right" to look at baby clothes and furniture again! Very odd place for "the IF Girl" to be! Congratulations!!