Saturday, May 24, 2008

::First Baby Shower::

I'm too tired to do a duplicate post; pictures take forever!!
Please visit my other blog to view pictures/details of our FIRST baby shower!!



Monday, May 19, 2008

::Great Day::

It was almost exactly 5 months ago that we were headed down I-55 from St. Louis after a devastating doctor's appointment with an infertility specialist. I remember that night seemed that with every mile that passed, another tear rolled down my face. What a hard night that was. There were tearful phonecalls to friends and family members who had prayed and wanted to know how our appointment went. I'll never forget how hard that trip home was. It seemed like our dreams of a family were so far out of our reach that we would never be parents like we so wanted to be.

Tonight we road down that same interstate road. What a strikingly different trip home it was. With excitement and overwhelming joy, we realized that our dreams were unfolding right before our eyes.Thank you to all of you (and I know there were MANY) who were praying for us today. Our meeting with the birthmother went SO well. I was immediately drawn to this woman. For privacy's sake, there is not a whole lot that I can post online here, but if you want to know more details, free to call or email. What I can tell you is that this gracious woman is unbelievably excited about giving us the gift of her son. She is so excited! Both she and the birthfather (who was unable to come) are both African-American, but they are okay with their sone being raised by a Caucasian couple, which is a relief to us. Of course, we have been open to transracial adoption from the beginning, so this is exciting for us. Having had several other children, she knows what it takes to raise a child. She said that she knew the first time she looked at our profile that WE are the couple she wants to raise her son. After meeting us, she was even more certain. She is very committed to her adoption plan thus far, and is so eager for us to become parents. She asked that we be in the delivery room with her when the baby is born!!! We are overwhelmed at her gracious attitude towards us. We could not have picked a more sincere and sweet person!

Her decision is final, at this point. So, all we do now is wait for the phone call to tell us that she is in labor. She expects for that to happen over the next two and a half weeks, she said. (!!!!) We were instructed by the social worker to keep a bag packed with several changes of clothes, and all the baby gear (um....what baby gear? We have none of that yet! Thankfully, our church shower is this Saturday!) Because the baby will actually be born in Illinois, there is something called an interstate compact agreement which will delay things, but that's okay. Ideally, we will be able to spend the night in the hospital while he is there. It is our birthmother's desire that we are there for the whole birth--she wants me to cut the umbilical cord!!--and for us to care for the baby in the hospital. We will get to do the feedings and everything! This is just overwhelming to me...I may never get to give birth or do all of these things myself, so when she said that she wants us to have as much of the birth experience as possible, it just blessed me SO much. Again...can you tell how gracious she is?!

She brought a gift for us.
In a musical frame that played a fun song was this:

She had also enclosed a sweet little card about us becoming parents. Really...could she BE any nicer?!?! :) It was all I could do not to cry!

I can't believe that I'm looking at a picture of "our" son!!! Now, I am a horrible sonogram reader and since this was taken late in her pregnancy, he's almost too big for the picture, but that is a profile shot of his head and his hand is up by his mouth. I keep looking at it and saying, "William, I can't see it! What am I looking at?!?!" It's funny. On the computer, I can see it much more clearly when I enlarge it. ;)

We will definitely keep you all updated! We are amazed at how the Lord is working out every single detail of this process. And how FAST it is going!!! It's too much to take in right now!! We are going to go ahead and pack a few items tonight "just in case," although I hope baby boy stays put for a little while longer. ;)
We praise God for His wonderful blessings in all of this. We ask for continued prayer. Nothing is final until the 72 hour revocation period immediately following the birth is over. It won't be until then that the baby is really "ours". We feel that our birthmom is REALLY committed to this, but you never know for certain until it's all overwith. So please pray for all of this process. Pray for a safe delivery for birthmom and baby boy.
Thanks again for praying and thinking of us. We are humbled by the love, grace, and faithfulness of the Lord.He has done great things!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

::oh yeah, sorry::

Sorry I left you hanging.

At your instistence, I'll give a tiny update. There's really just not a ton to say at this point. Our meeting got moved from next Tuesday to Monday (as if it weren't quick enough already!!). I'm working like mad to get our scrapbook done so we can show it to them when we meet. They, according to our social worker, are very excited to meet us...which makes me less nervous. Actually, I'm not too terribly nervous. I'm looking forward to it. I mean, these folks could be the birthparents of MY future son!!! How could I not look forward to meeting them?!? The due date is somewhere around the end of June. That's not that far away!!

Our homestudy documents were sent in for approval today, so even though it's really only a formality, it's an important formality! ;)

Other than that...gosh, there's not a whole lot to say. Our first shower is on Saturday, May 24th. Our church is throwing a big bash for us and not just women are invited to it--it's churchwide: men, women, and kids. I'm REALLY looking forward to it! Our church has blessed us SO much through this process. I am truly indebted to this wonderful body of believers.
The next shower is in our hometown and takes place on June 5th.

Thanks so much for your comments and prayers! It means SO much to me to have so much support, and from people who don't even know me in real life! What a blessing!!

Be sure to look for an update Monday night. ;)


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

::Incredible News::

Today I had my last homestudy visit with our social worker (SW)--it was my individual interview. It went really well! I really think I would like seeing a therapist or something because today I got to talk about myself and my life while our SW listened and took notes!!! Ha!

Our SW said that she had shown our profile to a birthmother who really liked us (on paper)! This was great news! She is pretty far along in her pregnancy, but that was pretty much all we knew at that point.

After the SW left, I called William to update him on how things went. He was excited!! We thought our next step was to wait and see if the birthmother was further interested in our information. is a waiting game.

Then.......I got a call from our SW. She had heard from the birthmother. Both the birthmother AND birthfather want to meet us NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! The birthfather terminated his rights today, which shows they are pretty serious about their adoption plan.

And now....

(the best part)




So...breathe, people!!!! Take a deep breath and continue rejoicing with us!! :)

What's next?

Well, we have to get our scrapbook done so we can take it with us when we meet the birthparents on MONDAY of next week. Then we just see how it goes. And take it from there.

This is really fast. I mean, REALLY fast. Now, none of it is set in stone, of course, but it's exciting nonetheless.

We SERIOUSLY covet your prayers in this. The Lord has answered so many prayers up to this point, so we want to cover the rest of it in prayer. Please, please, please remember these birthparents in your prayers. While this brings us incredible joy, it may bring them incredible pain. Having both of them involved is a wonderful thing on so many different levels. So again, please cover all of us: birthmother, birthfather, William, me, social worker, and BABY BOY in your prayers.

I'm off to take some Tylenol. My head is splitting from all the overwhelming emotions! I've cried buckets and laughed and screamed with joy. We are amazed at how the Lord is working this out.

With much joy,

Sunday, May 11, 2008

::a Mother's Day to remember::

For the past five years, Mother's Day has been a painful reminder of our infertility. As we waited and prayed, this holiday (while I was thankful for my mom!!) always struck a painful chord in my heart.

This's different.

For the first time, this day did not bring any hurt with it. Instead, my heart was full of excitement about our upcoming adoption.


When I woke William up this morning to get ready for church, he surprised me with my first Mother's Day gift. He pulled out a Mother's Day card and a onesie that we had registered for. He wanted to acknowledge that I am a mom-to-be and to celebrate our "paper pregnancy" as many people refer to the adoption process. It will not surprise you that I was in tears in a matter of seconds!! As I clung to my dear husband's arms, tears of hope and thankfulness streamed down my face.

I am blessed beyond belief.

The onesie says "Party at my crib 2 a.m."

A glimpse of the nursery.

I spend a few minutes in this room every day, sitting in my rocker and praying for our baby, the birth mom, and us as future parents. It is SUCH a relief to have hope for our future.

My last homestudy meeting is on Tuesday. We submitted our profile on Friday; the social worker says it all looks good. She has a potential match for us!! We are super excited. All our friends and family are planning showers for us--it's SO strange being on the receiving end of all of this!! So far, there are 5 showers on the roster!! We are blessed.

I hope you are all hanging in there on this day that can be so difficult for those of us who are infertile or who have recurrent pregnancy loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

After my husband (who is the pastor) had all the moms stand while he prayed over them, the teenage son of a good friend of mine leaned over to his mom and said, "This is the last year Ms. Glenna won't get to stand during this time."
I LOVE that our church, family, and friends are so excited for us!!!

Personally, I can't say enough how blessed I feel--how markedly different this day feels for me than it has for the past few years. The Lord has been abundantly good to me...I do NOT deserve it.