Tuesday, May 13, 2008

::Incredible News::

Today I had my last homestudy visit with our social worker (SW)--it was my individual interview. It went really well! I really think I would like seeing a therapist or something because today I got to talk about myself and my life while our SW listened and took notes!!! Ha!

Our SW said that she had shown our profile to a birthmother who really liked us (on paper)! This was great news! She is pretty far along in her pregnancy, but that was pretty much all we knew at that point.

After the SW left, I called William to update him on how things went. He was excited!! We thought our next step was to wait and see if the birthmother was further interested in our information.
So...it is a waiting game.

Then.......I got a call from our SW. She had heard from the birthmother. Both the birthmother AND birthfather want to meet us NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! The birthfather terminated his rights today, which shows they are pretty serious about their adoption plan.

And now....

(the best part)




So...breathe, people!!!! Take a deep breath and continue rejoicing with us!! :)

What's next?

Well, we have to get our scrapbook done so we can take it with us when we meet the birthparents on MONDAY of next week. Then we just see how it goes. And take it from there.

This is really fast. I mean, REALLY fast. Now, none of it is set in stone, of course, but it's exciting nonetheless.

We SERIOUSLY covet your prayers in this. The Lord has answered so many prayers up to this point, so we want to cover the rest of it in prayer. Please, please, please remember these birthparents in your prayers. While this brings us incredible joy, it may bring them incredible pain. Having both of them involved is a wonderful thing on so many different levels. So again, please cover all of us: birthmother, birthfather, William, me, social worker, and BABY BOY in your prayers.

I'm off to take some Tylenol. My head is splitting from all the overwhelming emotions! I've cried buckets and laughed and screamed with joy. We are amazed at how the Lord is working this out.

With much joy,


Amy said...


You don't know me, but I'm a fellow waiting mom and am following your story. (I commented a few days ago.) This is THRILLING news! You have my prayers tonight.

Anonymous said...


You also don't know me personally, and I never comment. I thought today might be a good time to have a comment! I went to Union with ALC and got your blog address off her blog. I've been following your story since, and I'm so excited for you guys. My husband and I are not in your spot yet and haven't crossed the "kids" bridge yet. But my close friend has been going through everything you share on your blog and finds encouragement in your writing. I just thought I'd share that with you. Thanks for your posts, and I'm lifting up a prayer for you guys tonight.

Fertilized said...

WOW Glenna - that is some really great news.

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

I am beyond shocked at how fast this is coming too... An appointment next week? Wow! I will be praying for it to go smoothly and for the Lord's will to be clearly manifest.... and that this would be your son. You have set such an example, I would love to see you blessed with only a little more waiting time. Good luck on that scrapbook.

Lauren said...

Oh I'm SO happy for you and William! I'll be praying for this whole situation. I can't believe it's all happened so quickly.

kcmarie122 said...

Oh wow! That is incredible news! How exciting! You give me hope that even if our last ditch IF treatments don't work, that we wont have to wait years and years to get a match with adoption!

I will be praying that everything goes smoothly with your meeting next week!!!

andrea_jennine said...

I'm just thrilled for you! I will continue to pray.

Jennifer Zila said...

GLENNA! GLENNA!! That's SOOOO incredible! We are thrilled for you!!! What an encourager and trailblazer you are-- I was just reading some of the posts listed here. Your joy is shared with those whom you've never met and your testimony will surely affect other children awaiting families of their own. We are sooo excited for y'all. AMEN!

gracechild said...

I'm really excited for you Glenna. I hope the meeting really turns out great

Gretchen said...

Oh My Gosh!, that's so exciting. Of Course you have my prayers and for good measure, even though I am not supersticious, I will cross my fingers too. Good luck!

Alex & Jill said...

I've been keeping up with your blog...just wanted you to know that I'm praying!!

Allison said...



i just got back into town and THIS IS WAITING FOR ME!?!?!

A BOYYYY!!??????

this is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
this is light -- LIGHTENING SPEED AND I LOVE IT!!!!

i have CHILLS!!!! SO WHAT NEXT??!! like....WHEN will we know MORE?!


Tracey said...

I found your blog...so happy for you. We are adopting too...going through the mountain of paperwork still though...i will keep praying for you! God bless

theclowers4 said...

what an absolute blessing! i am just praising God with ya'll and will lift up the birthparents and everyone involved in the situation. what an absolute joy to see your post today! congratulations and God bless!

Muskie Mom said...

I saw your blog link on the Bethany discussion board. I'm an adoptive mom and can totally imagine what you are going through waiting. It's exciting and scary! God's blessings to you!

Allison said...


Steph said...

Praying for everyone,especially as you meet next week.

Becky said...

So exciting! Been there and know! Hang on for a whole lot of emotions yet to come!
I can't believe your profile was shown before all the other stuff was done!
Praying it all goes well. If you all 'click' and feel led to match, it sounds like you could have a baby soon!!

Alison said...

Wow, interview one day and a baby the next! I'm so happy for you. I do not know your journey or how you came to this point but it all sounds wonderful! You have my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your page sometime ago and have been checking in now and then. You're all in my prayers. I said a big Amen about this being the last year you won't stand up for the prayers. I can relate to the whole "mother's day" thing. I love my mum and mother in-law dearly and this year was the hardest. Had to remind myself to be thankful for them. My hubby made my day the night b/f by wishing me happy mother's day (totally touched me, my baby's got faith that I'll be a mum) and the priest didn't help on Sunday by consistently talking about how mothers are willing to give life and accept God's commision to be fruitful and multiplied. I cried all through mass and had to head to the chapel so I could pray and worship alone. Probably doesn't help being in a catholic church, surrounded by so many new mums and pregnant women. I'm keeping the faith and thanks for your faithful walk. The doors the lord has shut, no one can open; and those he has opened, no one can shut. Keep the faith and trust in him. He's always faithful