Wednesday, June 25, 2008

::long time, no post::

Sorry, friends!

Things have been a little busy, heh heh.

This guy takes up most of my time.

For those of you who didn't take the leap to our other site, let me fill you in.
William Isaiah was born on June 14 at 2:43p.m. He weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and was 19 inches long.

The last days of our adoption process were full of ups and downs, but he officially became our son on Tuesday, June 17, 2008. We are thrilled to be parents, finally.

And as difficult a statement as it may be to read for some, I honestly feel in my heart of hearts--when I look into this little face that I can finally say....
Praise God for infertility.

If not for infertility, we wouldn't be holding this sweet little baby who has captured our hearts.

The Lord is good in His sovereignty. He is SO good. We are incredibly thankful for Isaiah.

And it gives me great pleasure to sign this as:
-the new mommy-

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008


Hop on over to Aaron and Angie's site and congratulate them--they got THE call today stating that their birthmother's water broke. How exciting!!

Also, fellow IF sufferers Farah had her baby a couple of days ago, and Amy also gave birth last week. Babies abound!!


We are still waiting. Today is my 27th birthday, so it would be REALLY nice if baby boy decided to make an appearance today, but I know...that's stretching it a bit. ;)
I've kind of got it in my head that he's staying in there forever. That way, I'm not nervous all the time. It's flawed logic, of course, but it keeps me from losing my sanity. Hehe. In all honesty, I DO want him to stay in the oven as long as possible so that he's as healthy as can be when he actually IS born; at the same time, I don't want his birthmom to have to endure full-term pregnancy pains in this incredible heat for too much longer!

I was really hoping I'd be a mom before this birthday, and it's silly to be unhappy simply because I'm not a mom yet--I know that I'm about to be a mom (Lord willing). I was just kinda...hoping, you know? You can just ignore the sentimental babblings of a woman who is losing her mind waiting for her baby. ;) My husband will be 30 on the 26th. I REALLY hope baby is here by then!

I'll keep you posted!


Monday, June 9, 2008

::false alarm::

Okay, so by now you must know that last week's post was a false alarm. No baby yet.

To keep things simple, however, I'll still be updating our family blog, so please check for updates. When we leave for the baby's birth I WILL update there, but probably not here--it's just easier to update once, you know?

For now....I'm just waiting. Putting final touches on the nursery (click here for pictures), sorting a huge box of baby clothes that came in the mail from family (Thanks, Aunt Teresa!!!), writing thank-you notes (which I need to do more quickly), and trying to plan at least one fun thing each day to take my mind off of the waiting. Tomorrow it's going to the pool with some friends. Today it was walking to the library with my husband and returning with an armload of books (I know, we're nerds) and then going to catch a matinee. Anything to occupy my restless mind!!

Thanks for all your comments and prayers! Check our other site often for updates!!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby is on his way!!

So much for waiting!!!

Baby is on his way!

We'll update as soon as possible, but check our family blog for those updates.

Keep us all in your prayers!!



Yes, we are still waiting on this baby to make his appearance. We have heard from our social worker that the birthmom has had some pre-term labor (I'm not entirely sure that what means, except that is isn't the "real thing"), but nothing further.

How do I sleep at night, you ask?

I don't know. I just do. Most of my stressing is done during the day. See, I finished teaching for the year and since school's been out, I've spent my time getting ready for this baby's appearance. But now, everything is packed and ready to go at a moment's notice. There really is nothing left to do! So, my days are spent reading, mindlessly channel surfing, keeping the laundry and dishes up constantly so we don't leave a mess should the call come, and aimlessly wandering through the house. I feel like I'm wasting away while waiting for this most important event!! It's funny, really.

This morning I spent a couple of hours at a friend's house and had a cup of coffee with her. Spending time with others REALLY helps take my mind off of things, for the most part. However, our friends and family are just as anxious as we are... :)

I'll tell you what I haven't done much of--writing down all my thoughts about this huge shift. I am about to leave the non-mom persona for the mom persona. After all these years of longing and waiting, I'm (Lord willing...that all goes through as planned) going to be a mother. I can't quite get that through my head. I remembered today how I questioned myself in February--do I want to be pregnant or do I want to be a mom? After a good hard look at my life, I realized it was motherhood and children I desired the most, whether that came through pregnancy or adoption.
And now....I'm almost there.
It's amazing how the Lord has walked us through this adoption process. I still am in shock at how quickly it all has gone. Wasn't it only the first of February that we began this process?!?

...which helps me keep this waiting in perspective. If the little man decides to stay in his comfortable birthmom's womb for three more weeks, our adoption process STILL has flown by.

Someone joked that they bet I jump every time the phone rings. You have no idea!! It rings and my heart pounds nearly out of my chest; but that's not as funny as my husband's response. His eyes bug out immediately. I need to get a picture of that look.
So, every night we place the phone and cell phones on the nightstand. We put everything in order so we can leave should the phone ring in the middle of the night. Then, when we get up, get all our shower/toiletries out of our bags, get ready for the day, and then put it all back "just in case". It's like planning for a vacation but not knowing when you'll leave.

I've rambled enough. But now you get an idea of what goes through my mind during these waiting days. I cannot wait for the moment when I look into the eyes of a darling little boy who will make all these years of infertility seem like a vapor. Lord, please haste the day.

I promise to update as soon as I know something certain.

Monday, June 2, 2008

::Getting Close::

The baby will be here before too long!

Our social worker called this morning to give us an update. Without being specific, we have reason to believe our birthmom will have this baby before too much longer. Our social worker told us to get things packed; yeah....we've been packed for a week!

I'm tired and anxious and have been fighting headaches and nausea for the past week because of the stress and all the not-knowing. Don't worry....the nausea is NOT for any other reason--don't even ask! But, it's annoying enough that it prohibits me from doing everything I want to.

Anyway...sorry for the lack of updates. I've just felt like there's not been anything worth updating. But--now we're CLOSE!

Keep us all in your prayers!!