Monday, June 9, 2008

::false alarm::

Okay, so by now you must know that last week's post was a false alarm. No baby yet.

To keep things simple, however, I'll still be updating our family blog, so please check for updates. When we leave for the baby's birth I WILL update there, but probably not here--it's just easier to update once, you know?

For now....I'm just waiting. Putting final touches on the nursery (click here for pictures), sorting a huge box of baby clothes that came in the mail from family (Thanks, Aunt Teresa!!!), writing thank-you notes (which I need to do more quickly), and trying to plan at least one fun thing each day to take my mind off of the waiting. Tomorrow it's going to the pool with some friends. Today it was walking to the library with my husband and returning with an armload of books (I know, we're nerds) and then going to catch a matinee. Anything to occupy my restless mind!!

Thanks for all your comments and prayers! Check our other site often for updates!!



andrea_jennine said...

Let me know if you need any recommendations for good distracting books. I'm checking your other blog several times a day for updates!

Mrs. U said...

Hi there!
I just discovered your blog on the Bethany discussion board.

I'm a pastor's wife, too!! (and it looks like your church is reformed Southern Baptist. We are reformed Southern Baptist, too, but sadly, our church is not.)

Mrs. U