Friday, August 22, 2008


Well, I am the proud owner of just one ovary. An ovary with some endometriosis growing on it at that! My right ovary, which was twice the size of the left one, was removed along with the tumor that was attached with it. The tumor was definitely an endometrioma, thank the Lord! No cancer. My uterus, which had had a thick lining and was worrying us about precancerous cells, was absolutely fine. So thankful for that! My left and only remaining ovary is in good shape, but does have some endo growing on it. I'm still kind of in a blur as to what will be the treatment options for that since yesterday was such a haze, but my husband tells me that when I go for my post-op appointment, the doctor will discuss putting me in medically induced menopause for a few months to stop the growth of the endo. After that, we have an optimal chance to try to conceive. We do have other factors in our infertility, so we would still be praying for a miracle, but we'll definitely try and pray!!

Thanks for praying for me! The recovery time yesterday was NOT fun, but I am at home now and resting. My have three incisions and the one that is over the spot where my ovary used to be is a lot larger than they had planned, and it is the one giving me the most pain, but we're getting through it. I'll be laid out on the couch for a couple of weeks, but my husband is a huge help and is waiting on me hand and foot. My mom is here taking good care of my little baby boy, so I am thankful for her. I don't have to worry about anything but getting better.

Speaking of....I just took some pain meds, so I better stop here before I start typing goofy stuff.

Thanks for praying, friends.



amy said...

Overjoyed to hear that the stupid tumor was indeed only a stupid tumor and not something more serious.
Rest and take it easy.


Anonymous said...

check your bulk mail for an email from me!

gracechild said...

really glad for a good update. The God of grace will continue to heal & watch over you in Jesus name. Amen

Alex and Jill said...

Thank you for updating! Happy to hear everything went well.

I remember having that same surgery...not fun. They put me on 6 months of Lupron afterwards to treat the endo. They are usually just a once a month shot but stout and seemed to kill off most all of my endo which is good.

Praying you have a speedy recovery, girl!


Hope said...

well, I was hoping for some silly drugged up post! :)

I am glad you are free of that tumor and it was just that! You have been in my prayers. I think about you all the time. I would love to make your little bundle a blanket I will have to look at your other blog for colors...unless you have a preference.

You are such an inspiration to me and so many others.