Thursday, November 20, 2008

::good thing I wasn't pregnant::

Wanna know what's worse than two weeks of sore throat, sinus junk, incessant coughing, and a general feeling of what I like to call "blah", while surfing the crimson wave and taking care of a 5 month old?

Getting the stomach virus on top of the lovely rest of it. That's what's worse.

I think my immune system hates me.

I cannot tell you how sick I have been!

Thank the Lord, I am finally on the mend.

More bloggy-ness coming later.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

::no news::

Another cycle come and gone...this one a bit longer than the last, which of course makes me a teeny bit fearful that my trusty remaining ovary is not doing its job. Or that the endometriosis is coming back to life and taking over my insides. You know the little Mucinex man on the commercial that camps out in people's lungs until they take the drug and then cough him up? That's what I picture when I think about the endometriosis coming back, camping out in my reproductive organs, throwing parties, inviting his friends, staying up all night.

It's kinda stupid.

All that said, though, I am really looking forward to enjoying the holidays for the first time ever with a cute little baby on my hip. The past 5 holiday seasons were shadowed by our unmet desire for children, and although we always enjoyed our time with family, there were too many painful reminders that we were still childless. And since I wrote a Christmas letter every year to stuff into our Christmas cards (along with a picture of us, of course--yes, I am that person!), I always felt the need to say things like, "Well, while we would love to be parents, we ask for your prayers in that area, blah, blah...awkward silence...crickets chirping....oh and by the way, Merry Christmas" I guess I felt like we were standing still, which is a horrible way of looking at it, I know. Then last year, I just left the letter out. We had had a really hard year (for a number of reasons, but infertility and failed treatments were definitely key players) and I just didn't have it in me to write the letter, the same letter I felt like I'd been writing for four years.

But this will be different, thank the Lord! We have been blessed through adoption, and I can't wait to finally experience the holidays as a mother. The Lord has poured out His grace on us...we are full to overflowing.

Oh, and our finalization date for Isaiah's adoption is December 22nd...just in time for the holidays! We get to make an quick trip to the state of his birth for quick court hearing, but at that point all the legal proceedings are DONE. No more red tape! All things will be official, and I'm looking forward to that day!

My cup runneth over.

Blessings on those who continue to wait....