Thursday, December 11, 2008

::are we seeing a pattern here?::

I have had exactly 3 cycles since my surgery (to remove right ovary/endometrioma and endometriosis, Aug. 21, 2008--in case you're new here).
Cycle 1: 27 days
Cycle 2: 32 days
Cycle 3: 28 days

Will Cycle 4 (which, granted is a month away) be another 30ish number? I'm worried that my remaining left ovary might not be doing its job of taking over for its bum companion that was removed a few months ago. My doc told me that instead of just ovulating every other month, my left ovary would actually take over and pop out an egg for both ovaries. Isn't that weird? It's cool, but it's weird.

And yet...I'm still a little worried. The thought of only having half the chances when we already have pretty low chances is kind of depressing.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm ecstatic about normal cycle lengths. Pre-surgery, every cycle lasted at least 35 days. Usually it was more like 37, and sometimes it hit the 40's. Having a 28 day cycle actually seems magical for me.

I'm just really interested to see how this continues. Although a 9 month interruption would be very welcome. :)
I keep wanting to blog more here, but I am just not sure what to write about. I mean, I am a mom, which was the endgame in all this longing and waiting, right? And yet I am still infertile. It's a paradox, really...I'm not sure how to handle it. So that's why I've been a little skimpy on the posting.