Thursday, April 23, 2009

::5 years of infertility::

Five years of trying to conceive have come and gone. We are a week into our 6th year. I expected to feel..something. And I do...I just struggle to put it into words.

For me, it was singleness. Then God led me to William.
Then it was childlessness. Four years later, God gave us Isaiah through adoption.
Now a year later, I intensely desire another child. But, perhaps God will simply lead me to contentment with Himself.

My heart always seems to hunger, but I know it will not rest until it rests in Him.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

::adoption/infertility interview::

I was recently interviewed for a website called on the issues of adoption after infertility. Click here to read. There was a whole lot more I could have said throughout the interview, but I didn't want to hog the article.

If you have any questions about my answers, please feel free to ask.