Thursday, April 2, 2009

::adoption/infertility interview::

I was recently interviewed for a website called on the issues of adoption after infertility. Click here to read. There was a whole lot more I could have said throughout the interview, but I didn't want to hog the article.

If you have any questions about my answers, please feel free to ask.




erin said...

Thanks for sharing that link, Glenna! I loved reading your thoughts and could sense the peace of Christ in your words. What you said about your greatest joy springing from another woman's pain really struck me, as I had never considered that aspect of the adoption process, and yet it is something very huge that should be considered.

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

I loved reading this:) And I felt that your answers were honest and true.

I am a christian, an currently about to go through IVF. When I first met my RE and discussed IVF, I was perpared to... Walk out and never look back, if they wouldn't agree to "NOT DISCARED" my "live embryos". I would not and will not allow that to ever happen:) I'm Completely "Pro Life" and believe that Life starts when "the egg meets the sperm". I could tell my Dr. diddn't like it, but he did agree to this. And we'll also be working with just a few eggs.

Addoption is still an opiton for us. I'm not against it in anyway. In fact I may adopt even if I have biological children. The only thing I really want is to have the Children That God wants me to have. I want to be a great mother, teach them about God, and what is right and wrong, And love them all equally and uncondionally:)

Sorry for going on about this... I've never did this before... I just felt the need to get it out I guess...

I hope you have a great day.. And I pray that God blesses your family, and uses you all for his will:)


Melba said...

What a beautiful article, I really enjoyed reading what you had to say.