Friday, August 21, 2009

::linking up::

I so appreciate all of the comments on my last post! I'm so thankful that in some way something I said resonated with you.
It is way past time for me to update my blog roll. If you're an infertility, adoption, or infertility/adoption blogger and would like to be linked on my blog, please leave a comment on this post with your blog name and address as well as which category under which you'd like to be listed.

I look forward to lots of links to add to my rolls! Networking through blogs is a great way to find others who are walking the same path as you.




The Mrs. said...

I am going through infertility and would like to be linked. It is so nice to see other bloggers out there that are going through what I am going through! Thank you!

Nic said...

I am going through IF. Please link me!
Nic: Trying for a baby

Lena said...

I am IF and we are adopting :)

Mrs.G said...

I've been struggling w/IF for 2 years. We're still going through treatments to see if God's going to make it happen but have been considering adoption before we even knew about the IF because I'm adopted!

Amy said...

Hi Glenna,

I really appreciate your previous post-so many honest and helpful thoughts, and I am going to link to it soon. You don't have to link to me at this point-I think I may have shared before that we were adopting, and the impossible happened-we got pregnant instead. I don't want to cause anyone going through infertility any extra pain. It's hard enough already. But, I am still following your story and just wanted you to know. We will probably still adopt later on...I'll comment when we jump into the process again. And I'll keep you on my blogroll!

Thank you for sharing the gift of community with your readers.

Faith said...

I'm reading and going through infertility. Love your blog!

KLTTX said...

I am a reader - really enjoy your blog. I struggled with IF for 10 years and was blessed with two sons (one born to us in 2003 and one adopted in 2008).

JayhawkFan said...

I'm dealing with IF and would love to be follow your blog!