Saturday, October 10, 2009

::from my journal::

dated Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is this not what I imagined my life to be like?  I'm outdoors on a cool fall morning watching my baby son run around examining the world around him.  He brings me a leaf to examine and I name it for him: "Leaf!"  I pause in my writing to put jackets on both of us as the breeze is quite cool.  The gentle rays of the sun peek out from behind trees to touch my face.  My cup of coffee cools next to me and I have to protect it lest Isaiah drops a leaf or twig in it.  (Smile)  The only one missing is William who is headed to P______ to meet his dad for golf.  I pray his trip is safe and enjoyable for him.

Other than his absence, it is picture perfect. didn't happen the way I thought it would.  I am still a barren woman, but more than that--the Lord has made me a joyous mother.  I do not deserve such blessing. 

Lord, You have poured out Your grace over me.  Your goodness is so undeserved.  Nothing in me merits such gifts.  Thank You, Father.  How kind You are to who deserves only death and destruction, so heavy and damning is my sin.  Yet you have redeemed my life from the pit and made me new.  You have then continued to poor out grace upon grace.  Grace upon grace.  

Today my heart is full.


Mandi said...

I love this, Glenna! Journaling is such a great will enjoy reading your most precious thoughts in the years to come.

Tea said...

I can so identify with the thoughts you've shared here. Thanks for sharing them. :)

M at Hidden Valley Simplicity said...

beautiful! Thank for this glimpse of your heart.

Emily Doss said...

Love this!

Barry Wallace said...

It's such a pleasure and privelege for me to see and savor and share the joy you and William have... thanks for sharing.

Marian said...

Thank you Glenna for sharing words that I echo loudly with you!!! Grace has been poured out~ unmerited, undeserved and immeasurable!!!!