Wednesday, June 30, 2010


ETA: Thursday, 10:10 am.  No word yet.  I guess if it were serious someone would have called me?

I called the nurse yesterday just to *see* if I could get someone to talk to me.  She said that she wasn't sure when Dr. C would be back in the office, but that she had her laptop with her so she should be able to review my u/s even if she's out.  She will call me after reviewing my films. It was pretty open ended....might be today, might not.

Being up all night with a sick child has served as a good distraction for this waiting time!  I appreciate so many people praying for me...all the texts, comments, emails, and phone calls have been a blessing.  I feel full of peace this morning.

The Lord is good.


tea said...

So glad you're feeling that peace, Glenna! :)

tea said...

Thanks for the update, I was wondering if you had heard from anyone yet. They do say no news is good news, so that's a plus. ..Even if it is annoying that they don't get back to you like they're supposed to.
Keeping you in my prayers.

Katie said...

I am friends with Andrea (from entrustedsoul blog) and came across your blog years ago. I've read your words for years and just want you to know that I'm praying for you. I am praying that He would keep you in perfect peace as you set your mind on Him.

p.s.- Your son is adorable!