Saturday, February 23, 2013

::a little plug::


I think I lost just about all of my readership. 

I guess that's what I get for not blogging for over a bad.  Sorry, friends!
I wanted to give you a heads-up for some up-coming news.
My husband and I are getting ready to release a self-made album to help fund our travel costs to Ethiopia (for whenever we do actually get a referral and have to will happen some day, right???).
We wrote and recorded 12 songs that will take you through our ten years of marriage, years of infertility, ministry, the adoption of our son, and our life as a family together. We each wrote 6 songs, and the songs are placed in an order that hopefully tells a story.  We sang, played our instruments, and pulled in a few other musician friends to help with bass, electric guitar, and cello.  My husband recorded everything on our laptop, mixed and mastered it all (hours upon hours of work!), and then sent it off for reproduction and copyrighting.  My sister is a talented graphic designer/photographer in the Nashville area (if you're looking for a photog in that area, look her up!) and she did a wonderful album cover/design work for us. took about 18 months, but it's finally done and the reproduction company told us they would start reproducing the CD on Monday.  We are building our bandcamp site, and the album should be available for ordering and/or downloading in about 2 weeks, Lord willing. 

The reason I'm plugging this here is that there are a few songs on the album that were born out our our pain during the dark days of our infertility. One is very specifically about infertility.  Seeing as how there is a shortage of songs on this particular topic, I thought it relevant to plug it here.  I hope, hope, hope that others who have walked this hard road will find great encouragement through our music.  We are NOT professionals, but we are pleased with our homespun project. 

Come back soon for ordering details! 
If you decide to order a copy and then actually don't hate it, and could possibly be coerced into promoting it on your blog, we'd think you were on drugs be so grateful! Just let me know and I can give you information for plugging it.  Hopefully our music will encourage others while also helping us bring our kiddos home from Africa. 

More to come!

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog about a year and a half ago. I don't think I ever commented because I saw that you never posted anymore. BUT your blog was such a huge help to me at the beginning of my IF journey. Yours was the first Christian one I found...and not just that but you spoke how you felt along with the truth. Such as your post about sin with IF. I so appreciate all that you shared and taught. I wish there were more blogs like yours! It was beautiful to go back and read your story and how God has blessed you with your son. So exciting for you to adopt again, and I hope it happens soon. Looking forward to the details on your cd!