Tuesday, March 19, 2013

::CD release::

After TWO YEARS of work (we're a little slow), our CD is finally FOR SALE!

We wrote and recorded 12 songs about our marriage, our longing for children, the Lord's goodness to us, and the blessing of the adoption of our son.

The sale of this CD will help fund our adoptions.

Please visit our BandCamp page to order.
Digital Downloads are $12.
Compact Discs (with a digital download) are $15.

We will also accept donations above the listed price as this is a fundraising endeavor.

We hope you enjoy our music!
 We are happy to share this part of our life with you.

There is a one song--track 4 "Baby, It's Not Time"--that is specific to infertility, so I wanted to draw your attention to that song and hope that it is encouraging to you.  Tracks 5 and 6 are also in response to infertility though it is not specifically mentioned.   Just FYI to my IF readers.  :)

Special thanks to those who donated their time and talents to this project:
*Brandon Blankenship (lead guitar, mandolin, banjo)
*Lacy Bennet (cello)
*Josh Govier (bass)
*Brett Gibson (recording assistance)
*Lauren Athalia (photography, cover art, graphic design)

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