Monday, April 8, 2013

Telling the Story--part 3

Our new album "Love & Family" is ordered in such a way as to tell a story about our life together as a family.  The next several blog posts will serve as a catalyst for telling that story so that you can see what is behind each song that we wrote.  Don't forget--you can order our album here:

Part 1 found here
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"No Place I'd Rather Be"
(words & music by William Marshall)

I often struggle to be in the moment.  Normally when people confess this, they are referring to being distracted by something (troubles, worries, work, cell phones, you name it).  Yet, my struggle is not so much distraction as it is under-appreciation.  I have these great moments in life and I don’t realize just how great they are until afterwards.  I guess the right way to say it is that I struggle to always appreciate the moment.

Yet, in God’s kindness and grace, there are times when I do find joy in the moment.  This song is about those times.  In particular, it is about simply enjoying good moments with my wife.  I don’t want to always be looking ahead or looking behind.  I want to have those times when I am so thankful just to be with her.

A few years back we got a good snow one night in Sikeston (where it does not snow that much).  It came on kind of fast and left everything covered in white.  Glenna and I (this was before Isaiah) decided to take a walk around our neighborhood while it was still coming down.  When we got outside it was so quiet and still.  Very few cars, if any, were going down our street.  We were the first to leave tracks on the sidewalks.  It was like we stepped out of our busy lives into a Bronte novel (without all the conflict and drama, of course).  We laughed as our dog Gunther (the name of every dog according to Isaiah) struggled to keep his face out of the snow (it was not such a magical moment for him perhaps).  We walked, we felt the snow falling on us, we held hands.  It was a great time together.  And it was one of those moments where the Lord reminded me just how blessed and privileged I am.  Instead of giving me what I deserve, God has lavished His mercy on me in so many ways, one of them being my wife.

I want to be in those moments.  I want to appreciate them as I should.  I want my wife to know that there is absolutely nowhere else I would rather be.  I think this song came out of those desires.

For those interested in the recording process, I really struggled getting this song to sound like I wanted it to.  At first I simply had two acoustic guitar tracks and the vocals.  I decided to try an electric rhythm track and that changed the whole direction of the song.  It’s funny how one instrument or one track can have such an impact on a recording.  The overall sound of the song came out different than I thought it would when we first started.  Glenna wrote about how she struggled with recording, but I really enjoy it (at least for the most part).  It is another side to the creative process of music.


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